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What is IRS Form 990-PF?

Private foundations are a unique class of 501(c)(3) organization…so unique, in fact, that they have their own exclusive version of IRS Form 990, called Form 990-PF.  In this post, our 5th in this series, we’re going to examine just what…

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Understanding the IRS Form 990

IRS Form 990, the full-length version, is arguably the most detailed tax return the average person is likely to encounter.  While there are certainly IRS tax forms that are equally complex, most are used for very targeted situations, not for…

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What is Form 990-EZ?

This article is the third in our series that explores the various versions of IRS Form 990.  Form 990-EZ is annual information return filed by small-medium sized public charities and certain other nonprofits, at least as measured by gross revenue.

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What Is IRS Form 990-N?

As we established in our Form 990 overview post, there are 5 versions of IRS Form 990, one or more of which is required to be filed annually by every 501(c) organization. Form 990-N, the shortest version and the one required…

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An Overview of IRS Form 990

Wouldn’t it be great if your nonprofit never had to think about the IRS again, once they approved your 501(c)(3) status, that is?  Well, as you can imagine, that simply isn’t the case.  Nor should it be, truthfully.  As it is, the…

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Compliance Graphic

Nonprofit Compliance Basics

After incorporating in your state and setting up your nonprofit’s 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, the biggest regulatory concern that you’ll have is maintaining ongoing compliance with the law. The regulatory filings required for both state and federal entities are used to determine whether your…

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Nonprofit Executive Compensation

Executive compensation is a hot-button topic for both nonprofit and for-profit companies. With the nature of compensation changing dramatically for technology and other high-growth industries, it is important to understand what is fair and competitive when setting your employee salaries.…

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