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Start a Private Foundation

Our SureStart™ nonprofit formation service for Private Foundations provides professional assistance and peace of mind to families and others venturing into the world of philanthropy.

Don’t go it alone.  For over 25 years, we’ve been the experts in foundation startup.

Private Foundations are Unique

Private foundations are the cornerstone of philanthropy.  They play an essential role in helping fund charitable activities around the globe.  Although some may perform their own programs, most foundations are organized for the purpose of assisting public charities through grants and other giving.

A distinct characteristic of private foundations is their flexibility.  Control can be vested with a founding family or other closely connected group.  Funding is often closely obtained, as well, since many private foundations do not seek public donations.  In addition, private foundations are unique in that they are required to annually distribute as little as 5% of net assets for charitably-related purposes, allowing for investments to continue to grow to fund future gifts.

Why a Private Foundation?

For families and others looking to establish a heritage of charitable giving, a Private Foundation provides the perfect vehicle.  Unlike a public charity, a private foundation can be managed by family members only, if you so choose.  What better way to instill a legacy of giving that can impact your family for generations!

A private foundation can be a wise choice for non-families, too, if closer control and/or closer funding are critically important to you.

Start Your Foundation Off Right with Our SureStart PF™ Plan

Private foundations, while flexible, are subject to tighter compliance restrictions than charities.  You need professionals who understand the rules and who can help you establish a foundation that is ethically structured and maximizes impact.

In our experience in helping over 20,000 nonprofits, we know that those who partner with Foundation Group have a huge head start at long-term success.  Our team of experts will prepare your state and federal formation documents, and represent your case before the IRS, tackling any questions or concerns they may have on your behalf.

Best yet, you will get powerful insights and strategic advice, specific to the needs of private foundations, that will jump-start your vision with compliant best practice.  Issues like conflict-of-interest, personal services, and grant distributions don’t have to be a headache.  Trust our team to make the complex understandable.

We're Here for Ongoing Assistance

Once your private foundation is up and running, we’re still here for you.  Through our available compliance services, our team provides:

IRS Form 990-PF preparation
State fundraising registration
Full-service bookkeeping
Ongoing compliance consultation
Peace of mind!

Put Our Team to Work for You!

If you’re ready to start a legacy of giving through a private foundation, we’re ready to help you turn your vision into reality.  Reach out to our team and learn how!

Free Resources!

Take advantage of our educational materials to learn more about private foundations.

Let's Start Your Foundation!

We would love to hear about your plans for a new foundation!  Complete the information below, and we’ll reach out for a conversation.  Don’t worry.  There’s never a hard-sell…just caring professionals who want to help you accomplish your vision.

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