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We Help Good People Start and Operate Great Nonprofits!

From startup to ongoing operations, our experts help you make it happen.  Incorporation, 501(c)(3) status, fundraising registration, Form 990 prep, and full-service bookkeeping…it’s all here to empower your nonprofit success story.

Start a Nonprofit Organization

Starting a successful nonprofit is hard work.  You need seasoned professionals who can help you get started the right way while avoiding the pitfalls.

Since 1995, we have helped tens of thousands of nonprofits to do just that.  No matter the type of organization you are starting, our SureStart™ plans have everything you need to succeed!

Our Clients Say It Best

“Incredible organization!  Their team of knowledgeable professionals have always provided unparalleled service.  There’s no challenge too small or question too difficult.  Whether you’re looking to start a nonprofit, or make sure you stay compliant, Foundation Group is the right name to trust!”

Daniel Thomae – Training4Changes, Intl

Female manager stands addressing team at board meeting

Bundle essential services, like Form 990 preparation and fundraising registration, plus consulting appointment access to our team of nonprofit professionals.  All for one, low monthly fee.

Plans start at $150/mo!

Become a Member

Where do I even begin?!  They walked me through every detail of the 501(c)(3) process and I am so grateful.  They have taught me so much about how to maintain status as I move forward.  I truly could not have done it all without them.  Thank you!”

Kristy Newstrom – Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center

Free Resource:
10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Nonprofit

Understanding these issues before you start a nonprofit will save you time and trouble, and give you a huge head-start on success!

Don’t miss out…get your free copy today.

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