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Nonprofit Formation.  Form 990.  State Charity Registration.  Bookkeeping.
It’s all here, delivered by America’s nonprofit tax and compliance experts.

For 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients with 501(c)(3) nonprofit formation and state and federal compliance services, helping them make better decisions, reduce risk, and grow their organizations.

Discover the road to nonprofit success.  Put our experts to work for your organization!

Start a Nonprofit Organization

The complete, nothing-left-to-chance solution for startup nonprofits.

Mission fulfillment begins with getting your nonprofit properly established…and there’s no one better equipped to get you there than Foundation Group. With nearly 20,000 success stories, we are the nation’s leading provider of nonprofit formation services. Our unique, consultative approach will incorporate your nonprofit, secure 501(c)(3) status and help you achieve long-term success.

  • Nonprofit incorporation
  • State fundraising registration
  • Extensive consultation
  • IRS 501(c)(3) status
  • IRS Form 990 preparation
  • And much more!
Let’s Get Started

LEARN MORE:  Our Successfully Starting a Nonprofit video series is now available

Compliance Services for Existing Nonprofits

Formation gets you started, but compliance keeps you in the game. From the annual preparation of IRS Form 990 to state fundraising registrations and renewals, our Compliance Team members are experts in what it takes to keep your nonprofit running smoothly and worry free year after year.  Don’t leave things to chance…trust the professionals who know what your organization needs.

(Bundle and save)

Assurance is Foundation Group’s exclusive membership-based, total compliance solution for existing nonprofits.  Bundle essential services with access to our professionals for one, affordable monthly fee.

Form 990 preparation, fundraising registration, consulting, and more!  Plans start as low as $125/mo.

Client Feedback
Every person from the front desk to the compliance team are the greatest. They genuinely care about each client and having them endure a smooth experience. If you want things done right with encouragement and support look no further! The best place!!!!!!
Heather Young
Heather Young
20:30 25 Feb 20
If you are considering starting a nonprofit this is the group I would recommend. Very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of their services.
Chris LeMay
Chris LeMay
14:15 11 Feb 20
I am a business manager and have a client desiring to set up a Private Foundation. I initially searched for an attorney to assist with the set up and to help with the IRS exemption application. The costs, however, were prohibitive: I had quotes from two different attorneys with minimum fees of $15,000. I discovered Foundation Group in a Google search. I contacted them and their fees for far more reasonable and they were genuinely interested in providing assistance. This company is great. They have nailed it. The entire process of working with them is efficient and super organized. They have intake interviews that facilitate the entire process. And their web-based approach, where you have a dashboard with a task list, etc., works great. Everything is super organized, user-friendly and they are quite responsive. They clearly are experts at this and I am so thankful that I discovered them. I am recommending them to all of my colleagues. We will use them to also prepare the 990 tax returns and for any consulting. I give them an enthusiastic 5 stars.
William Jaaskela
William Jaaskela
18:09 22 Jan 20
They know what they are doing and get the job done in record time.
We had a great experience with the foundation group. Things progressed exactly as we were told, and we even received our exemption status faster than expected. Everyone was knowledgable and friendly. Communication through their site is very simple. No complaints.
Sara Baker
Sara Baker
16:55 01 Dec 19
I decided to try and start a 501c3 organization (Vets for Veteran Housing and Services) on my own. Once I looked into the process, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of all the forms and in-depth information that is required. I knew that I needed help. I researched who would be the best to help me achieve my goal. The Foundation Group kept coming up as #1. after making contact, and explaining my goals, every member of their co. gave me the assurance that everything would be attained. All my anxiety, about going through this process was immediately gone. Every single team member guided me through and explained every detail in a soothing and calm way as to allow my anxiety and my blood pressure to return to NORMAL. Within 5 months we received our certification from the IRS. and I was again overwhelmed!! but this time with excitement and joy!!! There was no way that I could have done this on my own. If you are looking to organize a 501c3, you do not have to go any further then contacting THE FOUNDATION GROUP. you will never be disappointed.
Herbert Suydan
Herbert Suydan
14:56 27 Nov 19
Yes, I've with them for years. Just updating info.
These folks are kind, knowledgeable and respectful. Even the sales pitch was welcoming. I really loved working with Nicolas and Aaron, they really worked hard (I could tell) to understand me, my experience and what my unique nonprofit is about. I have already recommended them to my friends and colleagues and I am super grateful to my assistant Tanya K. for suggesting them. If you can find the funds to hire them, I really suggest you do.
Alfiee Breland-Noble
Alfiee Breland-Noble
14:53 15 Oct 19
Setting up a 501c3 is a daunting undertaking that requires a LOT of patience and drive. The Foundation Group came highly recommended to us from a friend and they did not disappoint! From the very first contact, their staff were amazing. The knowledge, willingness to teach, guide, encourage and push at times through the process was refreshing, and although they have many clients, we never felt ignored or "just another number". They listened to our vision and mission and made sure that everything we did was in compliance with the legal requirements, while staying true to our vision. We cannot say enough thank yous to the team and if you are looking to set up a 501c3...or even just need advice about one you already have, we are confident that they can help you figure anything out.Well worth the investment.
One In A Million Inc.
One In A Million Inc.
15:16 08 Oct 19
I must say the Foundation Group staff made everything easy and walked me through everything I needed during this process. I am impressed and very happy with the results because now our organization is 501c3 tax exempt and about to be legal to solicit in our state of operation. I recommend their services to anyone who's looking to start their nonprofit.
Yusuf Abdul-Alim - Rodrick Washington
Yusuf Abdul-Alim - Rodrick Washington
15:48 28 Sep 19
Foundation group is an amazing service. They communicated every step of the way during the process. Answered all questions to make the end goal a reality. I would recommend Foundation Group to any person looking for the correct company to help meet their goals is form and build successfully.
Joseph Jenkins
Joseph Jenkins
02:09 28 Sep 19
The Foundation Group help set up our not for profit in a way that we have been able to get off the ground quickly and effectively. We have been able to get a number of grants, which have required the kind of documentation and sound governance and financial policies that the Foundation group helped us establish from the outset. They are also affordable. Highly recommend them.
Ernie Fletcher
Ernie Fletcher
19:43 16 Sep 19
Many thanks to the Foundation Group in a successful bid to attain our not-for-profit status for our charitable organization. The process was well defined and each person that I had interaction with, at the Foundation Group, was knowledgeable, professional, and made me feel confident in the process. I really appreciate all they did for me and our organization.
Kathy Rushworth
Kathy Rushworth
21:29 14 Sep 19
I cannot begin to explain how awesome the Foundation Group has been to work with. When we had our initial consultation I was a little skeptical. They talked about all of the things they’d do to make this process easy and simple for us. Told us how their support system worked, how quickly they’d respond to questions, etc. All I can say is they’re selling theirselves short. This organization went above and beyond from day one to make our application process a smooth endeavor. Lauren was awesome to work with and answered every question I had (I had plenty). She walked me through every step, spent a lot of time with me to establish our budget, defined every step that was required next and made sure we had it right. Needless to say with all of their help we were approved the first time we applied and are now off and running. Thank you to the Foundation Group for making this a pleasant experience. We really appreciate your efforts and will be glad to share our experience with anyone looking to obtain their 501C3.
Sara Springer
Sara Springer
19:44 13 Sep 19
My experience with Foundation Group has been great. The process was easy to follow and they were always there to answer questions. They shared advice that was pertinent with what we are doing. I felt as if I was in great hands the whole process. They were very encouraging during the process which is the main reason why I have recommended the Foundation Group to others.
Phillip Stumpf
Phillip Stumpf
18:57 12 Sep 19

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  • Nonprofit ownership
  • Board of directors
  • Executive compensation
  • Fundraising and compliance basics
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  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Compensation
  • Fundraising & Compliance Basics
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