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Don't Gamble With Your Success!

Our flagship Assurance membership program ensures your organization stays in total compliance!

Our Assurance program helps nonprofits stay current with their state and federal compliance filings, including IRS Form 990 preparation and state fundraising registration…nothing left out, nothing overlooked.  Plus, members get access to the tools and resources that will equip you for success.

Cost-Effective.  Turnkey.  Guaranteed!

Trust our team of professionals to handle your compliance concerns, while you focus on your mission!

How It Works

Enduring success starts with compliant, best practice.  Assurance, our membership-based, total compliance solution, provides your nonprofit access to our top-shelf team of tax professionals, giving you the confidence that your state and federal filing worries are covered…all at a bundled cost that is less than if you purchased services separately!

Annual membership includes:

IRS Form 990 Preparation

IRS Form 990 is the required, annual disclosure filing for 501(c)(3) and other nonprofits.  This critical compliance report details income and expense activity, as well as program and operations details.  It’s best thought of as the tax return for nonprofits.  The IRS places such importance on this filing that it will revoke the 501(c)(3) status of any organization that fails to file for 3 years.

Fundraising Registration/Renewal

Seeking donations from the public requires your nonprofit to be registered annually with your state’s Division of Charities.  Rules vary widely by state, so you need professionals who know how to navigate complex fundraising regulations.  Members automatically receive support in up to 2 states*. Your organization will be fully compliant and ready to seek donor support.

*Charitable solicitation registration and renewal services are available for all 41 state jurisdictions requiring it.  Member compliance with more than 2 states are at additional fee.

In addition, members receive:

Access to our FG Knowledgebase and program-specific resource materials
Periodic, members-only educational webinars
Message-board and appointment access to our team of experts, at no add’l fee

Memberships start for as little as $150 per month!  Join now!

Want More Details?

Call us today at (888) 361-9445 for a free evaluation to see if an Assurance membership is right for your nonprofit.  Or better yet, complete the questionnaire below and we will contact you!

  • What is your role in the organization?
  • OPTIONAL: By providing your Employer ID number, our team can research your organization and be better prepared for our conversation with you.

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