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This guide explores bookkeeping for churches, including the benefits of bookkeeping and how to get started.

Bookkeeping for Churches: How to Balance Faith and Finances

While your church’s main focus is its ministry, orderly finances are necessary for any organization to operate effectively. The best way to set your church up for success is by wisely allocating your resources, communicating financial transparency, and meeting legal…

3 Terrible Tales of Foul Fundraising

3 Terrible Tales of Foul Fundraising

The following post is a guest article written by Sandy Rees, Get Fully Funded. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was simple and people wanted to simply help nonprofits fulfill their mission? Unfortunately, fundraising isn’t always simple. Or easy.…

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How to Ask for Money for Your Nonprofit

You know who your donors should be. You know where you should be able to find your donors. You know the type of person that should be interested in what your nonprofit organization does and should care about its purpose…

multiple revenue streams

Mixing Business and Charity

SUSTAINABILITY. That’s been the buzzword around the nonprofit space for over a decade. Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to build-in revenue streams to supplement, or even replace, traditional donations. The reality is, no matter how appealing the idea is,…

nonprofit policies and procedures

6 Operating Policies Your Nonprofit Must Have

Whether you are talking about a commercial business or a nonprofit, every organization runs more smoothly when it has solid operating policies.  Way too often, however, these are an afterthought, and you find yourself needing to refer to a policy…

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