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Three people in business clothing discussing an event sponsorship package.

4 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Event Sponsors

The presence or absence of sponsors can make or break your nonprofit’s events. Your team has likely poured many hours into the planning process to ensure your venue, marketing materials, and event content are innovative and engaging for your attendees.…

charitable solicitations decisions

Does Our Nonprofit Have to Register for Charitable Solicitations?

Your nonprofit organization has received donations. Fantastic news! But… do you need to concern yourself with the state’s fundraising registration process? You see words like charitable solicitation, but what does that mean? What actions give rise to a nonprofit needing…

This guide explores bookkeeping for churches, including the benefits of bookkeeping and how to get started.

Bookkeeping for Churches: How to Balance Faith and Finances

While your church’s main focus is its ministry, orderly finances are necessary for any organization to operate effectively. The best way to set your church up for success is by wisely allocating your resources, communicating financial transparency, and meeting legal…

3 Terrible Tales of Foul Fundraising

3 Terrible Tales of Foul Fundraising

The following post is a guest article written by Sandy Rees, Get Fully Funded. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was simple and people wanted to simply help nonprofits fulfill their mission? Unfortunately, fundraising isn’t always simple. Or easy.…

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