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How the IRS Defines Charitable Purpose

When you hear the term nonprofit, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a charity, or 501(c)(3) organization.  That’s for good reason, since roughly 78% of all tax-exempt organizations are exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  The remaining 22% consists…

What Is A 501(c)(7)

What Is A 501(c)(7)?

We are continuing our multi-article series on the other nonprofits...and by other I mean those that are not charitable in nature.  So far we've explored social welfare nonprofits and business leagues.  Today's post examines the third most common type of…

What is a 501(c)(6)?

What Is A 501(c)(6)?

Many people are not aware there are nonprofits organized as a 501(c)(6), at least not enough to recognize them for what they are.  The 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit is so engrained in their consciousness, they don't realize there are other categories. …

Public Charity vs. Private Foundation

When starting a 501(c)(3) organization, there are generally two choices of how the organization will be classified. It can be a public charity or a private foundation. 

Businessman hand holding wooden building blocks on table background.

Can A Nonprofit Change Its Mission?

Healthy things grow.  That goes for both people and organizations.  All but the smallest of businesses grow and evolve over time.  Often it is a necessity to keep up with changes in the business environment, regulatory change, or simply changes…

50 Yard Line On Football Field

50 Nonprofit Facts and Statistics

Most people, or at least me, like lists of facts. Like the height of Mount Everest is 29,032 feet high. Although it was considered to be 29,028 feet high until December of 2020, when the official height was changed. Facts…

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Guardian Revival

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we couldn't think of a more deserving organization to be highlighted. The team at Guardian Revival embodies everything it means to give back to the community and acknowledging the…

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Feeding Caribbean, Inc.

Not all of Foundation Group's clients limit their charitable activities to the continental U.S. And just like they've gone beyond the horizons of the country's immediate borders, this organization has gone above and beyond in their first year of operations.…

509a1 vs 509a2

What Is the Difference Between a 509(a)(1) vs 509(a)(2) Nonprofit?

A nonprofit's source of revenue can greatly affect its potential IRS classification of 501(c)(3) status. Often, an organization's purpose determines any sub-classification. In this article, we're going to take a look at what happens when it is revenue that determines…

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