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Top 10 Form 990 Audit Triggers No One Told You About

Timely and accurate filing of Form 990 is essential to the ongoing success of your nonprofit. We often run into the false notion that since it is a nonprofit filing the return, that the IRS really doesn't pay that much…

How to Pay Your Nonprofit’s Staff

A couple of weeks ago we looked at some key points regarding nonprofit executive compensation. This week, we want to take a closer look at best practices for paying everyone else your organization employs.

Nonprofit Executive Compensation

Nonprofit executive compensation tops the current list of IRS hot button issues. In recent years, the IRS has been ramping up its oversight and enforcement of nonprofit executive compensation.  With all the rancor surrounding executive perks and bonuses on Wall…

nonprofit employee

What Forms to Issue to Your Nonprofit Staff

With the New Year comes new responsibilities. Similar to how we all anxiously await for our employers to issue us our W-2s at the beginning of the year to get our taxes and out of the way (and hopefully not…

New COVID Relief Bill May Provide Additional Help for Nonprofits

The CARES Act legislation that was approved in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic (spring of 2020) helped many nonprofits with its Paycheck Protection Program.  Thousands of charitable organizations nationwide were able to secure forgiveable loans from the Small…

nonprofit policies and procedures

6 Operating Policies Your Nonprofit Must Have

Whether you are talking about a commercial business or a nonprofit, every organization runs more smoothly when it has solid operating policies.  Way too often, however, these are an afterthought, and you find yourself needing to refer to a policy…

Big Changes to PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules

Newly passed legislation is heading to President Trump's desk that will substantially alter the original forgiveness terms for PPP loans.

United States Capitol dome with dramatic clouds

The CARES Act May Help Your Nonprofit Retain Its Staff

On Friday, March 27, 2020, Congress approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  This is the third phase of a sweeping relief package Congress has passed in its efforts to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19.

Appeals Court Finds Clergy Housing Allowance To Be Constitutional

It took over five years, but a unanimous 3-judge panel of the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in March that the clergy housing allowance is constitutional, overturning a District court decision from 2013. The original suit was brought…

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