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Does Our Nonprofit Have to Register for Charitable Solicitations?

Your nonprofit organization has received donations. Fantastic news! But… do you need to concern yourself with the state’s fundraising registration process? You see words like charitable solicitation, but what does that mean? What actions give rise to a nonprofit needing…

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How to Ask for Money for Your Nonprofit

You know who your donors should be. You know where you should be able to find your donors. You know the type of person that should be interested in what your nonprofit organization does and should care about its purpose…


6 Ways New Nonprofits Should NOT Raise Funds

So you want to start a new nonprofit. Great! Now how do you pay for it? Starting and operating a new organization is not easy… or cheap. And, how do you convince people to give to an organization that doesn’t…

Form 990

What is IRS Form 990?

The instructions for IRS Form 990, the long form, are 103 pages long. IRS Form 990-EZ, its mid-range form, instructions are 48 pages long. IRS Form 990-PF, only for private foundations – but required of all private foundations regardless of…


How to Categorize Donations

Funding your nonprofit organization and making a difference in your community is not an inexpensive feat. So, you start fundraising! And hopefully, you are successful in finding people who want to donate. But what does that look like in your…

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Charitable Activities in a Foreign Country

The issue of a nonprofit operating in a foreign country is rather complex. It can involve multiple government agencies and be fraught with pitfalls that can only be avoided if you understand the rules. If you are like many of…


4 Ways to Optimize Holiday Volunteers

Over 30% of annual giving occurs in November and December. With Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, you might already be planning your year-end donation campaigns. Although some people will give money to their favorite nonprofits (we are…

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Guardian Revival

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we couldn’t think of a more deserving organization to be highlighted. The team at Guardian Revival embodies everything it means to give back to the community and acknowledging the…

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