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Top 10 Form 990 Audit Triggers No One Told You About

Top 10 Form 990 Audit Triggers No One Told You About

Timely and accurate filing of Form 990 is essential to the ongoing success of your nonprofit. We often run into the false notion that since it is a nonprofit filing the return, that the IRS really doesn’t pay that much…

Form 990

What is IRS Form 990?

The instructions for IRS Form 990, the long form, are 103 pages long. IRS Form 990-EZ, its mid-range form, instructions are 48 pages long. IRS Form 990-PF, only for private foundations – but required of all private foundations regardless of…

Copyright Symbol

How to Handle Copyrights in Your Nonprofit

Foundation Group works with thousands of nonprofits each year, so we get the opportunity to deal with many complex issues. Few are as complicated and confusing as copyright and royalty questions. The goal of this post is to give you…

Who Really Owns a Nonprofit?

Who Really Owns a Nonprofit?

The concept of who owns a nonprofit organization can be hard for some to grasp, especially given that the answer is, “No one!”  We encounter this confusion with new clients on a fairly regular basis.  And, given people’s understanding of how basic…

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