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Does a Church Need 501(c)(3) Status?

A church is one of the oldest organizational types in the world.  The concept of the local Christian church in particular has existed for approximately 2,000 years.  Other religions have church histories going back much further than that.  In light…


Form 990: The Public Window Into Your Nonprofit

There are lots of reasons why your nonprofit's annual IRS Form 990 is critically important. Chief among those reasons is that it is legally required that your organization file one each year. But another important consideration is the public transparency…

How to Raise Money to Cover Startup Costs

How to Raise Money to Cover Startup Costs

Starting a new nonprofit is exciting! You have a chance to make a difference and change lives. Paying for it can be nerve-wracking or even downright scary, especially if you haven’t done much fundraising before. There are registration fees to…

Form 990

What is IRS Form 990?

The instructions for IRS Form 990, the long form, are 103 pages long. IRS Form 990-EZ, its mid-range form, instructions are 48 pages long. IRS Form 990-PF, only for private foundations - but required of all private foundations regardless of…

From The Desk of The CEO

2021 – A Year In Review

COVID-19 (still around!).  Economic uncertainty.  Political turmoil.  But yet, signs of recovery sprinkled in.  Nonprofits meeting needs.  It's been yet another strange year, for sure.

Nonprofit Board Member Writing Thank-You Letters

Get Your Board’s Help with Year-End Fundraising

The end of the year is THE BEST time of year for fundraising. And it’s a great time to get your Board involved in helping you raise money. But if you’re like most, your Board doesn’t do a whole lot…

Donation box, Charity Gift hampers, Help Refugees and homeless. Christmas Xmas Charity Donation box

5 Ways to Raise Money and Get New Donors During the Holidays

The holidays are a wondrous time for fundraising (and finding new donors!). People are more generous during the holidays and you can easily raise much-needed funds for your nonprofit plus build your donor base with new supporters. A big, loyal…

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