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Charitable Activities in a Foreign Country

The issue of a nonprofit operating in a foreign country is rather complex. It can involve multiple government agencies and be fraught with pitfalls that can only be avoided if you understand the rules. If you are like many of…

What is a Registered Agent?

What Is A Registered Agent?

The position of Registered Agent is an essential part of the corporate landscape.  Both for-profit and nonprofit corporations need one, but their role is often misunderstood.  So, what is a Registered Agent, and why do you need one?

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Should I Incorporate My New Nonprofit?

So, you're planning on starting a new nonprofit sometime soon. Maybe you've heard something about incorporating, but you don't fully understand what that means. Or, someone told you to form an LLC instead. There's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding…

Where to Find Your First 100 Donors for Your New Nonprofit

Where to Find Your First 100 Donors for Your New Nonprofit

EVERY new nonprofit needs donors to fund their work. In fact, the more donors you have, the more money you can raise. Seems obvious, right? We encourage people to build their donor base to at least 1,000 donors to start.…

Recordkeeping Basics for Nonprofits

Recordkeeping Basics for Nonprofits

There's a well-worn cliché that says, "If it's not in writing, it didn't happen".  When it comes to your nonprofit, no truer statement was ever uttered!  But, unless you are the uber-organized type who just instinctively writes everything down, documentation…

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