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multiple revenue streams

Mixing Business and Charity

SUSTAINABILITY. That's been the buzzword around the nonprofit space for over a decade. Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to build-in revenue streams to supplement, or even replace, traditional donations. The reality is, no matter how appealing the idea is,…

Fiscal Sponsor Payment by Check

What Is a Fiscal Sponsor?

Sometimes, those operating a charitable activity do not wish to fully formalize what they're doing into an actual 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. The reasons for this vary, but often the services of a fiscal sponsor is needed. Properly setup, fiscal sponsorships…

Understanding the 501(c)(3) Public Support Test

Over the course of our many years in business, we have found the public support test to be among the least understood topics by nonprofits, especially smaller organizations.  But, it is absolutely critical to understand how it works, lest your nonprofit…

How to Pay Your Nonprofit’s Staff

A couple of weeks ago we looked at some key points regarding nonprofit executive compensation. This week, we want to take a closer look at best practices for paying everyone else your organization employs.

Nonprofit Executive Compensation

Nonprofit executive compensation tops the current list of IRS hot button issues. In recent years, the IRS has been ramping up its oversight and enforcement of nonprofit executive compensation.  With all the rancor surrounding executive perks and bonuses on Wall…

what is nonprofit founder's syndrome

What is Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome?

Founder's syndrome. It affects nonprofits and for-profits alike. And it can be crippling to any organization, regardless of the form it takes. Understanding what it is and how to avoid it, or fix it, is crucial to the future of…

Mature Woman Accounting

How to Categorize Operations Revenue

In part two of our reporting series, we want to address how to categorize some of the other types of revenue a nonprofit organization frequently encounters. Donations aren't the only type of funding with specific reporting requirements. Non-gift revenue sources…

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