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IRS Guilty of Targeting Conservative Groups

So, it turns out that the IRS Exempt Organizations division has been targeting for intense scrutiny conservative and right-leaning nonprofits which were applying for tax exempt status.  This was admitted in an preemptive apology by Exempt Organizations director, Ms. Lois…

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First Lady Visits Life Sports Fitness

Foundation Group client, Life Sports Fitness, had a very eventful day recently when the First Lady, Michelle Obama, dropped by for a visit.  Not only was this an exciting honor for them, it has also brought them some invaluable publicity. …

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IRS Mishandling Some 501(c)(3) Applications

Cincinnati, we’ve got a problem!  Lately the Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations Division has begun to monkey around with the way it treats organizations applying for tax exempt status, particularly those nonprofits that have been around and operating for a…

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