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Heartwarming Story Involving a Foundation Group Client

A Foundation Group employee caught wind of this story at, and we felt the need to share it:

Tiger the cat has lived in the same home for nearly his entire life. But at the age of seven, Tiger was given over to the New York City Animal Care and Control because his owner feared he would damage a newly-purchased sofa. On the day Tiger was scheduled to be euthanized, Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming (a Foundation Group client) stepped in to save Tiger’s life. A volunteer shares more:

“You said you got him when he was just three months old, and that he was now seven. You said he was a good cat, well-behaved and affectionate. That he followed you around and kept you company. That he waited at the door for you every night and that he was so happy when you came home from work. You signed the ACC paperwork, which states that a surrendered animal may be euthanized. Then you left him there and walked away, even though he cried.”

We are glad Tiger has been saved from being euthanized, but he is currently battling some health issues and has been hospitalized. You can find updates on Tiger through the organization’s facebook page.

At Foundation Group, we get an opportunity to hear and see the good our clients serve in their local communities and around the world.  This is just one story of many!

For more about Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming, click here.

Greg McRay is the founder and CEO of The Foundation Group. He is registered with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent and specializes in 501(c)(3) and other tax exemption issues.

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