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America's First Choice for Nonprofit Startup and Compliance

When Foundation Group launched in 1995, we were the first specialty firm in America dedicated exclusively to starting nonprofits and helping them to stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

20 years later, we're still going strong!  In fact, our client base continues to grow exponentially every year...and we've never been more committed to bringing our clients the expertise they need to see their vision come to pass.  Simply put, we love what we do and we're passionate about doing it with excellence!

We were the first...and we've never stopped leading!  Call us and see why we are America's first choice for nonprofit startup and compliance services.

Yes...there are also IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Sections 501(c)(4) through 501(c)(27) organizations that are considered tax-exempt, but not charitable. Examples include trade associations, social clubs and certain advocacy organizations involved in substantial political lobbying activity. The list is as follows:

501(c)(3) - Charitable, educational, religious, literary, testing for public safety, promotion of amateur athletics, prevention of cruelty to children or animals

501(c)(4) - Civic leagues and social welfare organizations

501(c)(5) - Labor, agricultural and horticultural organizations

501(c)(6) - Business leagues

501(c)(7) - Social and recreational clubs

501(c)(8) and 501(c)(10) - Fraternal beneficiary societies and domestic fraternal societies

501(c)(9) and 501(c)(17) - Employees' associations

501(c)(11) - Teachers' retirement fund associations

501(c)(12) - Local benevolent life insurance associations, mutual irrigation and telephone companies and like organizations

501(c)(13) - Cemetery companies

501(c)(14) - Credit unions and other mutual financial organizations

501(c)(15) - Mutual insurance companies

501(c)(16) - Corporations organized to finance crop operations

501(c)(18) - Employee pension fund trusts

501(c)(19) - Veterans' Organizations

501(c)(20) - Group legal services plan organizations

501(c)(21) - Black lung benefit trusts

501(c)(22) - Withdrawal liability payment fund

501(c)(23) - Veterans' organizations created before 1880

501(c)(24) - Surprise! There isn't one.

501(c)(25) - Title-holding companies or Trusts for multiple parents

501(c)(26) - State-sponsored high-risk health coverage organizations

501(c)(27) - State-sponsored workers' compensation reinsurance organizations

For more information, see our article The Other Nonprofits.

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