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Choosing Nonprofit Accounting Software for the New Year

All you want for Christmas is… accounting software made for nonprofits. You may be one of the many nonprofits spending the holiday season shopping for better accounting software for your nonprofit. Foundation Group is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Aplos to provide online nonprofit accounting software and are giving you a discount.

Many nonprofits have tried using small business accounting software and realized it is not suited to the unique needs of their nonprofits. When a software is made for a business, it means it is harder to accurately track separate funds and time consuming to manage donations and prepare contribution statements. That is why we have partnered with Aplos for online nonprofit accounting software and are recommending it for our clients. With Aplos it is:

  • Easier for you to accurately manage your finances using fund accounting
  • Faster to track donations and prepare contribution statements
  • Simple to accept donations online with branded donation webpages
  • Seamless to share real-time access with others online, including a remote bookkeeper or an accountant for auditing, advice and preparation of annual returns
  • Affordable at only $30/mo for one user

If you are considering upgrading your software, we encourage you to see if Aplos works for your organization with a 15-day free trial. We think you will see why we think it is the best nonprofit accounting software. And if you decide to subscribe, use our code foundationgroup to receive 25% off for 6 months!

Try It!

Aplos makes it extra simple to get started by offering free support. They will help you get set-up and offer training so you feel comfortable managing your books. Plus, by registering through our partner page, you can share real-time access to your books with Foundation Group. This means, if you decide to use any Foundation Group services, such as preparing your annual returns, it is easier and faster than ever to get the expert advice you need.

Already have an external accountant? No problem, they can request free access too. Just register for your free trial from this Aplos Accounting page and you can still use our code for a discount.

Greg McRay, EA

Greg McRay, EA

Greg McRay is the founder and CEO of The Foundation Group. He is registered with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent and specializes in 501(c)(3) and other tax exemption issues.

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