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What Is a 501(c)(3)?

  1. What does it mean to be a 501(c)(3) organization?

  2. Are there other categories of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations?

  3. What benefit does being 501(c)(3) offer my nonprofit and its contributors?

  4. Does nonprofit, 501(c)(3) and tax-exempt all mean the same thing?

How to Start a 501(c)(3)

  1. What is the first step in starting a nonprofit?

  2. Do we need our board of directors in place before we file paperwork?

  3. Do we need to incorporate?

  4. How do we incorporate a nonprofit?

  5. What form is required to get 501(c)(3) status?

  6. With whom is Form 1023 filed?

  7. What is Form 1023-EZ?

  8. Within what time period does Form 1023 need to be filed?

  9. Can I file Form 1023 before incorporating my nonprofit?

  10. What are the fees to file Form 1023?

  11. How long does it take to complete Form 1023?

  12. How long does it take for the IRS to approve 501(c)(3) status?

  13. Can anyone complete Form 1023?

  14. What information will be required on Form 1023?

  15. Will my personal tax or financial situation have any bearing on my nonprofit receiving 501(c)(3) status?

  16. Can Form 1023 be "e-filed"?

  17. Does Form 1023 need to be notarized?

  18. Can I start receiving contributions before Form 1023 is approved?

  19. Can I apply for grants before Form 1023 is approved?

  20. What happens if my nonprofit's application for 501(c)(3) status is denied?

  21. Will my nonprofit be given a 501(c)(3) number separate from its Employer ID Number (EIN)?

  22. If my nonprofit is granted 501(c)(3) tax-exemption, will it be exempt from all taxes?

  23. Is there a state version of Form 1023 that must be filed?

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