Do-It-Yourself Nonprofit Startup Gone Wrong?

Or, did that inexpensive document preparation service let you down?

Frankly, we see it all the time…Someone prepares their own 501(c)(3) application (Form 1023), or they pay an online document preparation service to do it for them, and now the IRS has questions…lots and lots of questions.

Trust us, all is not lost. You’ve just hit a roadblock. Many is the IRS application we’ve salvaged that the filer thought was hopeless. We’ll take on your case, get to know what your organization is about, then help you sort through the questions the IRS reviewer has. While we’re at it, we will consult with you to help you understand how you got sidetracked to begin with.

Just like our full-service, 501(c)(3) formation consulting, we strive to educate you all along the way. Your success is our ultimate goal.

Don’t give up… Call in the pros and we’ll help you succeed!